UK street racers boosting nitrous canisters from ambulance stations?

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Nitrous oxide – the preferred go-fast gas of many speed freaks – delivers its substantial power boost by cooling the surrounding air, which in turn becomes denser. The denser air’s higher oxygen volume feeds the hungry engine, which can now produce more power. Nitrous oxide is also widely used in the healthcare industry as an anesthetic and analgesic, so you’ll find nitrous canisters in hospitals, dentists’ offices and ambulance stations in addition to Paul Walker’s local speed shop. British street racers have apparently been paying attention.

A number of UK ambulance stations have reported missing giggle gas canisters, and they’re pointing the finger at local “boy racers.” The Daily Mail highlights the ways nitrous oxide is used by the enthusiast crowd, but fails to mention any specific proof that these recent crimes were committed by folks addicted to going faster. Perhaps a little more evidence is called for before conveniently condemning the English Fast and Furious set, no?

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[Source: The Daily Mail]

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