Regrets, I’ve Had a Few: Jonny Lieberman bids farewell to Autoblog

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A little over a month ago, I got a call from Jonny. Something was up. He was excited and anxious, and before the words “MacKenzie offered me a job, and I’ve accepted” came out of his mouth, I knew he was off to greener pastures.

I’m proud of a lot of things at Autoblog, but getting Dr. Lieberman on board is near the top of that list. And now he’s gone, taking the Senior Editor position at Motor Trend after the buff book’s editor-in-chief called and said, “We need to talk.” Plenty of people have moved on from Autoblog over the years, but given Jonny’s penchant for prose and never-say-die attitude, we asked him to pen a farewell letter before heading off to do some ludicrous comparison test for MT. You’ll be missed, sir, so the floor is yours… one last time.

Damon Lavrinc – Senior Editor

Working at Autoblog has been one of the best experiences of my car-writing career. As you may or may not know, if there’s a website about cars, odds are it’s hoisted my byline at some point. From The Truth About Cars to Jalopnik to Clunkbucket and most points in between, I’ve cranked out some auto-centric virtual ink nearly everywhere. But Autoblog was the feather in my digital cap. No car website commands more respect, is more widely read or opens as many doors. And yeah, a pretty big door just got opened for me.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the wonderful men behind the screen. I’ve worked at some sites filled with mega-friendly people that weren’t capable of pouring piss from a boot. Other places were hyper-competent and staffed almost totally with assholes. Autoblog combined near-ruthless professionalism with the kind of positive working environment you only dream about in any job. It really is a wonderful operation, one that sent me Japanese whiskey as a wedding gift. Thanks to Damon Lavrinc for always being in my corner and John Neff for not only giving me the chance, but for running such a tight ship. I’d like to thank especially Drew Phillips, “my photographer,” for putting up with my right foot on all those canyon runs.

But of course, it’s not all roses and sunshine. There are quite a few things I regret. In true Butthole Surfers fashion, allow me to quote, “Well son, the funny thing about regret is, it’s better to regret something you have done, than to regret something you haven’t done.” Sadly, while there’s nothing I regret doing at Autoblog (well, maybe SEMA), there’s a whole slew of things I regret not doing. With that in mind, here’s a small list of stuff that for one reason (lazy!) or another (extra lazy!) I never got around to sharing. Read on…

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