Crazy Rumor of the Day: Lamborghini Estoque to be built in China

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Hold on to your lugnuts, kids, because here’s a rumor that’s so far out it practically qualifies as science fiction. Taken straight from, which has provided plenty of worthy news in the past, is this nugget: Lamborghini “will import its super luxury four-door sedan, Lamborghini Estoque to China for local production in 2012 with a price tag of around 4 million yuan ($589,000).”

To be fair, it appears as though Gasgoo is just reporting on what’s being reported in other Chinese media. However, in case you haven’t been keeping up with the Estoque’s flirtations with production reality, first Lamborghini planned to make it after it was introduced two years ago, then the economic implosion supposedly killed it in early 2009, but Lamborghini quickly said that wasn’t true, then this month company CEO Stephan Winkelmann hinted about how a third model would help the brand.

To us, none of that means the 2008 Paris Motor Show traffic-stopper is going to be built at all. Somehow, though, the Chinese media have heard that not only is it going to be built, but it will be built in China as soon as 2012. On top of that, even though it hasn’t been developed, it’s already been priced, and at that price you could buy almost three Aston Martin Rapide sedans. Or, more accurately, three Rapides and an infinite number of leprechauns, gorgons, drop bears and the latest creature of fable, a Chinese-built Estoque.

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