260.5 EVs set world record for electric vehicle parade [w/video]

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A half Nissan Leaf participates in the world record EV gathering in Oslo, Norway

Norway has long led Europe in electric vehicle adoption, and now the country’s EV advocates can boast of holding a new world record: the largest-ever gathering of moving electric vehicles. We are particularly amused that the record was set by 260 and a half EVs, since one of the cars was a cutaway version of the Nissan Leaf. The sliced EV is complete enough to drive, and was thus eligible to participate in the emissions-free parade.

Organized by the Electric Vehicle Union (EVU) and the Norwegian EV Association, the 2.5-mile parade featured a lot of Leafs (understandable, since it’s the world’s best-selling electric car) and took place in and around Oslo, Norway’s capital. For proof, the drive “was monitored by two-camera carrying drones to ensure that all vehicles were moving simultaneously and qualified for the new world record.” In support, Nissan announced it wants to have its EVs from around the world reach a cumulative 1 billion all-electric kilometers (621,371 miles) by the first day of 2015. A video featuring snippets of happy EV drivers talking about their cars and a press release about the event are available below.

The previous EV record was set last December when 225 Leaf EVs gathered at Silverstone in the UK. 260.5 certainly is a lot, but we have National Plug In Day coming up in the US at the end of the month, so we’ll see if this new record stands for more than 30 days.

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